Monday, 1 February 2010

Summer lovin'

Right now I am so over winter and I just cannot wait for the summer. I absolutley love the summer!! I live in a seaside city in the UK called Brighton. Unfortunately it doesn't have a sand beach, it's pebble which annoys me no end, but hey - I'm so lucky to live in Brighton - I LOVE it here and I don't think I'll ever leave. Oh wait, I'm rambling. So I decided there's a few things I want to do this summer and I've seen on quite a few blogs (I would link them but I really just can't remember) people doing those 'must do before I die' kinds of lists but for the summer. I thought I'd have a crack at it! So here goes my list...

1- Get a tan A La Lauren Conrad!
Having a tan makes me feel 100 times more confident - there's something about it! Although I'm not stupid when it comes to the sun and I've always got my factor 30 on! Be safe in the sun peoples!! Luckily my skin tans pretty easy so... thank you to that tiny bit of Greek blood I have!

2- Spend as much time as I can here...
This is just a very small fraction of Brighton beach, hoping to have so many more walks along the beach with Dean this summer. It's so nice in the summer when you can just be like 'lets go for a walk' and not have to pull on layers and layers of clothes!

3- Eat as many of these as possible
Summer is all about BBQs right? Those slightly tipsy ones with a group of friends and those halarious ones surrounded by family... I love them all! Especially with a glass of cold rose ;)

4- Expand my collection of pretty bikini's
Bikini's are essential for summer, I love to find really pretty and unique ones. There has to be a whole variety for summer in a variety of styles, colours and patterns! Better get shopping!

5- Rely on these babies...
I love glads! They're so comfy, I think they look amazing, especially the ones with pretty bows and jewels. You can use them for casual and dressy, practically my best friends in the summer! I've also seen Primark have put theirs up on the shelves - £4... steal!

6- Get my 5 a day
I'm actually quite good at getting my 5-a-day and I usually do. But in the winter I eat more vegetables, but I much prefer fruit. It's so much easier to eat in the summer... is that just me?!

7- LIMIT cocktail intake!
There's nothing more appealing than a sweet, pretty pink drink on a summers night. BUT last year on holiday I made the big mistake on drinking one (or five) too many! Massive headaches in the morning. And packed full of calories making your bikini body harder to keep!

That's the end of my summer list! There's probably a whole load more but these are the most realistic... except maybe the last one ;) Are you guys all getting excited about summer? Or would you prefer winter to hang around a bit longer?


  1. Great post. I love the Summer too, well if you can call it Summer what we get here in the UK....!! Can't wait till my summer holiday abroad. Me and my friend are also coming to Brighton for a few days later on in the year :) x

  2. yesss! pretty much agree with everything you said, im from brighton too. :]

  3. love this post :) makes me feel all happy and summerryy :]

  4. Brighton! How many great summer road trips have i had there... <3 C

  5. Glad you liked the post everyone! And I'm feelin the love for Brighton ;) xoxo


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