Sunday, 28 February 2010

Few purchases :)

Good afternoon everyone :)
The past couple of weeks I haven't been really buying much... because of lack of money and all that boring, horrible stuff! But I have got a few bits and I thought I would share with you guys. So here we go...

First up us the Schwarzkopf Gliss shampoo and conditioner. I actually found this in the pound shop! Hm shame that's where my excitement stopped, if you want to read my review on this product click here.

This is some kind of shine serum from Pantene which I also found in the pound shop. I haven't used this enough times to tell you what I think of it... if anyone's inteested I'll try and use it a lot of put up a review :)

Okay so this next thing I was super excited about. It's the cutest keyring! It's a little doughnut with sequin beady type sprinkles! It's hand made out of felt and stuffing. This was actually made my lolasayswhat on youtube - if you're not subscribing to her then you should be. Her videos come in a whole variety of topics and I love watching her videos! She put some of the things she made on etsy: lolas etsy store. She still has a few pieces left and they're so cute! They are limited as there is only one of each so defs order them now if you want to get some keyring candy :D

I popped into La Senza and I really liked these PJs! The pink flamingo ones were £22 and then the ostrich (I think thats what it is?) ones were £20. They also have the same that come with shorts.

I was trying to think up an original way to store my brushes, but I just couldn't - so I settled for the vase/beads combo that we see all over the beauty community. I bought this one from the GlitzyGlam online store. For any of you that are subscribed to Blair and Elle on youtube you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If not - go and check those two out and then check out the store... they do really sweet gifts! I'm sorry about my brushes being so dirty!!

And the last thing that was the most exciting thing for me was DUM DUM DUMMM...
The Alice in Wonderland BOS!!! So happy to finally have my hands on this. I'll probably do another post on this during the week with swatches and the likes :)

Enjoy the last little bit of the weekend! Do any of you have original/unusal ways of storing your brushes? Put a link below I'd love to see :)


  1. oooo everyones getting the alice in wonderland BOS. i wannnntttt

  2. i want the alice in wonderland so badddddd, but its sold out at the sephore around me at online at the moment ! damnn :(

  3. @Neesha - I'm not sure about the US but in the UK I've heard it's been limited to 2000 palettes, so I feel very special - ha! I would recommend ebay but I've seen them going on there for up to £95 ($144)!! xoxo

  4. i know it is insane, i just hate it when people buy so many when it is limited to make an extra buck buy selling them on ebay for almost double to price.. but i want it so bad. i just did my taxes, and maybe with my tax refund ill buy it :) haha.

    check out my blog btw, im new :/

  5. @Neesha - yup thats just selfish :/ haha well I hope you manage to get our hands on it somehow :) Oh yeah sure will... welcome to the blogging world :D xoxo

  6. Im so excited to recieve my alice in wonderland pallete :D XO

  7. Ohhhh the Alice in Wonderland palette looks great, can't wait to see your swatches and thoughts.

  8. Hey would you recommend buying from glitzy glam? I have seen a few things i like but i have never bought anything from the US before?

    :) x


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