Monday, 10 May 2010

Inspired: Mermaid w/ Special guest!

Hola chicas!
I have no idea how, but I stumbled across this picture and I just instantly felt compelled to try and recreate it in an eyeshadow look :) Aha! My neice Chloe was round (she pratically lives here), and we're more like sisters. She's always asking me to do her make up so voila... I tried to do the look on her!

The tail is the main part that stood out to me really...

Chloe begged me to straighten her hair, but I love her curly hair! And refused :D I'm such a nice auntie!!

I adore the shimmer and metalicy-ness (yup, this is now a word) of this look!

Sleek original palette, yellow
Urban decay jinx and homegrown
Urban decay half baked as highlight
Urban decay 24/7 liner in flipside
Boujours ultra curl mascara

What do you guys think? And please tell her that natural hair is the way to go! ;)


  1. She is so pretty! Great job on the makeup too! And yes her natural hair is beautiful! I would kill to have hair like that!



  2. The colours are so pretty and her hair is gorgeous.

  3. She is so gorgeous, and I agree I wouldn't have straightened her hair either, she's so lucky to have pretty curls like that!

  4. You did a really good job of copying that! :) And she's gorgeous, her hair is lovely xx


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