Saturday, 15 May 2010


Morning my loves!
So today the sun seems to be out today *woop*, but knowing the English weather it will probably take a turn for the worst and pour hard with rain. Got the love the UK, ey? Lol. But for now I'm going to stay positive and hope for the best. Here's my casual outfit of the day :)

Top: Primark (about a year ago)
Jeggings: F&F at Tesco
Sandals: Dorothy Perkins

Cluster necklace: ASOS
Cocktail ring: Primark
Nail Polish: GOSH Wild Lilac

I've also chucked a black cardigan in my bag just incase it gets a bit chilly! Have a fabbby day! <3


  1. gorgeous :) i lovee your top :) xx

  2. that ring is preeeetty :) x

  3. oh i used to have this top and i love it so much but i lost weight and it's too big now
    suppose u win some and lose some!
    looks great on you

  4. in a non creepy way, your boobs like so perky! so jealous!!!

    and i love the big ring with the purple nails! gorgeous! x

  5. @Lorien - Haha well thankkk you! You... jelous? You have a killer bod!! xoxo


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