Friday, 25 June 2010

17 Freebie

Afternoon honeys,
So yesterday I put up my review on the 17 mirror shine lipsticks - which you can find here. And I also mentioned that which those purchases I got a free gift... Travel Make up kit.

It comes in this beautiful little postcard box! Everything inside was also wrapped up in hot pink tissue paper. I love little details like that. Anyway, onto what was inside and my thoughts on them so far.

You get 3 make up items, and a little something else (shown at the end), all of which are really great items, and worth spending the £6 for :)

The first thing up is this waterproof mascara. The wand is pretty standard - nothing special, but nothing terrible. It's not full size though, which I think works to it's advantage. If you're going on holiday this year, this a great little thing to take. On holiday I personally only use waterproof mascara round the pool, and in the evening I'll use my usual mascara. If you dont wanna pay out for some waterproof mascara and don't want anything too big - this is a gem!

Next up is this Fast Finish nail polish, in the beautiful colour 'grapefruit'. It reminds me of a pinker version of Barry M's Pink Flamingo. I tried this out on a nail as soon as I got it, and... I adore it! The application was amazing, very easy, brush is the right size, the consistency is good too. I don't know whether the speed is any different to any others... but ah well. This colour is going to be my favourite for the summer! Suits all skin tones, and will look especially good with a tan. I'll definitely be picking up some more colours.

The last make up item is the 'volumous' lip gloss, that also claims to be 'colour intense'. Colour intense? It really is!! This swatch was just one swipe, and it's totally opaque. It kind of has a bit of irradescent shimmer, but I personally like that... it's not volumous though, it's just like any other lipgloss. This is in the shade Pink Ice.

Lastly, you get this little voucher. It entitles you to 100 points on your Boots advantage card when you spend £5 or more on 17 brand products - perrrrrfect reason to go and get me some more nail polishes!

Have you picked up on this deal yet? I really reccomend it. It's totally opened me up to the brand, which I'd never owned before. Give it a try!!


  1. Great post! I really want to try and get this! It looks like a great deal. Do you know if the free 100 points is different to the 100 you get when you buy the Mirror Shine lipsticks? I'm tempted to get one of those too! :) x

  2. i think it's pretty great for a freebie. if only we have that brand here in the Philippines..but then again theres always ebay :)

  3. I saw that little freebie in Boots yesterday, I think the postcard packaging is so cute :) xx

  4. Aww the packaging is so cute!! xx


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