Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 04 - Your favourite book

Hey my lovelies,
Day four! What's my favourite book? I don't really read many 'deep' books... I usually just stick to the same old romantic commercial books.

My favourite book is probably out of these four...
Adele Parks - Tell Me Something
Harriet Evans - The love of her life
Lisa Jewell - Ralph's Party
Lisa Jewell - The truth about Melody Browne

Yeah there we are :) I love books written by Lisa Jewell, there always unique and I find her style of writing so easy to read, and deffinitely page turning.


  1. I also love Lisa Jewell :) all her books are amazing :) x

  2. Far too many books to go into but my all time faves are those that I can read over and over and over again and find them just as amazing I did the first time. Few faves include ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen, I Capture THe Castle, Lost art of Keeping Secrets <3

  3. I have too many fave but right now I'm reading Sophia Kinsella "20's girl". It's light and fun to read.


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