Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hiya guys,
My last nail of the day was... god! Yonks ago. So here it is...

This is Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream

In some lights, this looks like the beautiful pale, yellow pastel colour it appears in the bottle - and in others it looks like a bright canary yellow. Either way, I love it... when i first started applying it, I wasn't sure if I would. It does take a good 3-4 coats as it's such a light colour, but I really love the outcome. I'm lovin' it for summer and I don't care if it clashes with my outfit ;)

Do you worry about your nails matching you outfit? Or could you not care less?


  1. Lovely colour :) I don't really mind if my nails clsh with my outfit as long as I really love the colour of them :) x

  2. Im undecided on yellow nail polish. I don't hate it but don't love it. Maybe I need to give it a whirl?

  3. @Laura - Yeah i think you should give it a whack :) I thought I would hate it... turns out I quite like it? Lol xoxo

  4. Ah finally a yellow nail polish I like ! It's not too neon-like and it's warm :)

  5. @Carine - yay! cheap too!! xoxo

  6. Ooh this looks soo good, I've not seen many people brave the yellow Barry M shade but it looks great on you. I may have to get some myself!


  7. @Charly - i think people are just a tad scared of yellow nail shades, theres something quite 'aaah' about it lol! but ive had loaads of compliments starting with 'oh my god, yellow nails??' then 5 seconds later 'actually that looks good!' lol xoxo

  8. Ooo I have this polish!
    A lovely colour for summer :)


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