Friday, 11 June 2010

Blue/Green EOTD

Morning lovelies,
I have a day off today as I've finished all my exams - back to college on Monday though. Boo! Anyway, I thought I'd have a play around with some eyeshadow palettes and came up with this little look that just happened to match my nails ;) So it's a two in one post lol!

The eyeshadow look is a bit crazy and I probably wouldnt wear it out unless I was going to a party of something similar. I like to stick to neutral territory lol!

The camera made my eyebrows look a bit weird :/ and they haven't been groomed so please ignore! Lol. My nails are Barry M - Mint Green.

Have a fabby day, besides the rain!


  1. loveee this! you should try these types of styles/designs more often :)

  2. Absoloutely love your nails xx

  3. Omg I looovee this! Gorgeous :) xx


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