Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 02 - Your favourite movie

Hey bambinos,
So day two of the 30 day tag and todays question... my favourite movie. Now this is similar to the songs - I have a loooot of favourite movies so I'll list a few. I love comedies the most - anything that makes me laugh is definitely a winner. But I also love soppy romantic films and also actions.

No further adue...
Forest Gump - everyone loves this!
Any Adam Sandler film
PS I Love You
Finding Foresster (if you haven't seen this - watch it!)
Bugs Life

There's a tonne more, but I really love those. Especially Toy Story and Up!


  1. up was so good. i cried. :) and little kid movies aren't supposed to make you cry! :D

  2. @Lane - I'm with you on that! Im a crybaby, and cry at everything anyway... but Up! <3 majooor tearjerker. even my boyf was nearly crying! xoxo

  3. I also love UP it made me laugh soooo much when I saw it in the cinema!! :) xxx


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