Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bank-holiday shop!

Hello loves,
I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday as much as you could with the groggy weather! Absolutely typical. Anyways, me and the boy refused to let the horrible weather ruin our fun and decided to pop to the shops :) I also went to get my belly button pierced again (it closed up last time), but found the shop was closed *duh*. I got a few things, and thought I'd share :)

Oh and my sister is borrowing my camera for a while so you'll have to put up with crappy phone pictures. Sorry!

A flowy black top with a rouched bust from H&M for £4.99

Essential for every summer - denim shorts. These are simple midwash turn-up jeans, with a little bit of distressed detail. Also from H&M for £14.99. Notice how the rain didn't stop me getting ready for summer ;)

A striped oversized vest top, with a small pocket on the bust. This was actually from Tesco for only £5!

Eeverybody seems to be taking advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer so I picked up two of my favourite foundations (True Match), one of my fave mascaras... they only had the waterproof one which takes forevsss to get off... but ah well. And also the Barry M lipgloss in Toffee which I've been waiting to get my hands on for ages!

And of course, two of the new nail paints! Berry Ice Cream and Lemon Ice Cream.

To top off the day I got an Aero Mint shakeaway - so, so yummy!!!

What did you guys fill your bank holiday with?


  1. you'll love barrym toffee it's amazing! i really want to get the yellow barrym polish (:,X

  2. I love shakeaway! Haven't had one in ages, m first one was Aero though. It's very good :) Barry M Toffee is one of my fav lipglosses, it smells amazing x

  3. @holly - defs go and pick it up whilst the boots offer is still on :)

    @Kelly - whoever founded shakeaway was a complete legend! it really does smell great, i keep opening my my drawers to take a sniff, lol. i think it has addictive properties! lol.


  4. shakeaway is the ultimate milkshake place. i loveeee it! great choice too :) nom xx


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