Friday, 18 June 2010

Showing my support for the lads!

Morning ladies, Just wanted to show some support for our boys out there in South Africa! Granted, our first match didn't go particularly well, so lets hope tonights a different story! Algeria? Should be an easy match, but then again... so should've USA! I love football, full stop. So the World Cup, I love SO much.

The moment it all went wrong... lets not have a repeat, please? Will be interesting to see if Green gets played or not

Oh and can we have some more shots of this guy, sitting on the bench looking delightful in a suit please? (the on guy on the right ;) lol!)

C'mon England!!


  1. Engerlaaaaaand!!! :D

    Fingers crossed for tonight!

  2. @Makeup Kitten - I'll have everything crossed! Lol xoxo

  3. I'm hoping Green doesn't get played after USA match, blaming it on a "perfectly round ball and high altitude" lol can't wait for tonight x

  4. come on england :D! i love the world cup<3,X


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