Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Hello sweets,
The past week or so I've sort of been accumulating some new bits and bobs, and I thought I'd just quickly (ahem) share it with you guys. This is probably going to be a really picture heavy post so I'm really sorry about that. Here goes...

First thing I got was just this simple striped, longline vest top. It's kind of an off-white cream colour, with a very, very dark grey. It's really simple and I'm on a bit of a stripe frenzy at the moment.
H&M £2.99

The next thing was this bandeau top (yes more stripes). It has little ties around the neck so it can be a halter neck, but I'll probably just tie these into a bow to avoid silly looking tan lines. It also has the 'secret support' kind of thing inside, which personally I don't like...
Primark - £4

Next up is this really pretty camisole. It has crochet detailing around the neck line, and then 2 ruffles with lace trimming at the bottom. I think it's really pretty and easy to wear for summer. The material is also really thin so definitely a good one for the summer. I think I also saw it in coral and black.
Primark - £8

So this is from the men's section, gotta love it ;) It's a plain white v-neck t shirt with a picture of a bit of a legend - Jimi Hendrix! I had to have this when I saw it.
Primark - £6

So this is another thing from the mens section, lol! This isn't to everyones taste but I saw it and thought it was really different. Its kind of a skull print tee with feathers and stuff, it looks a little All Saints-esque to me? I don't know, it's kinda rock chick and will just bung it over short shorts in the summer :)
Primark - £4

So obviously I wasn't going to pass on the amazing deal that glamour are giving away, you've all heard about it. And after searching low and high in a number of different places I managed to retrieve all three!

I mentioned in my recent skincare video that my regime was coming to an end, so I got these two nuetrogena products to try out - looking forward to that. I also got some cocoa butter 'gel' body oil to see how this compares to the butter.

So I had to get some of the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks that are doing the rounds at the moment, which also gained me a freebie that came in this cute little box! There's going to be a seperate post on swatches, what came in the pressie and what I think about the lipsticks. I reccomend everyone to go and pick at least one up though... if you have a Boots card especially you get 100 points for every one you purchase.

I think that's everything! Apart from 2 other men's t-shirts that I bought, but I've already cut them up, I'm sure you'll see them in an OOTD soon enough :)


  1. i'v been looking for a top exactly like the striped bandeau you found in primark. now i know exactly where to look on saturday :) x

  2. @abbzzw - aw i'm glad this helped then! i think they'd probably do one similar in dorothy perkins (although more expensive) and i've heard theyre doing something similar in H&M xoxo

  3. Fab haul hun, love the bandeau :) x

  4. I've been really interested in those 17 lipsticks so i can't wait for your review :] x

  5. @RaspberryKiss - thanks girl! they're great for the summer, i love them!

    @sidobelei - my reviews up now, so i hope it's helpful to you :)

    @Kelly - its not really something id go for, but its so pretty for this summer!



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