Thursday, 10 June 2010


Hello cupcakes!
I'm in a very, very, very happy mood! I've just come home from sitting my very last exam!! It's been a haaaard slog, with a lot of revision which I'm hoping will have payed off... The exams I sat were 2 Biology, 2 Psychology and Health and Social Care. Biology being by far, the hardest subject with a hecka workload! This is how I was feeling a few weeks ago...

How do I feel now?? Let me show you some beautiful images curtesy of, and let them do the talking ;)

So yep. I wanna say a massive good luck to all of those who are still taking exams, whether that be A levels, GCSE's, Finals... whatevs :) Now dreading results day... :/

Leaving you with a funny exam answer ;)


  1. I took Biology and Psychology too, Psychology being my last exam of the year today! I know your feeling :D

  2. I love that feeling! :) Well done on getting through yours! I did all my 2nd year ones for my degree at the start of May and get my results tomorrow!

    Now go and relax and enjoy your Summer!


  3. He definitely was. We were jealous of not having a penis? haha and it's sick to think when we have children, they will have sexual desires towards us :S That's why it's so socially sensitive ;) haha

  4. Im doing psychology as well, had one today and got one on the 30th, wish mine where over! your lucky :) xx

  5. @Louise - Same, psychology was my last, good luck hun... i'll keep my fingers crossed for you if you keep them crossed for me ;)

    Oh god yeah, when I have kids I'm just gonna be like o_O i hope youre not having fantasies about me?!?! Lmao!

    @Natalie - Oh wow! Good luck chick... I can't even IMAGINE the enormity of the workload of uni exams.


  6. @Jody - Good luck! I love psychology, I think it's such an interesting subject but meh, too much stuff to remember! xoxo


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