Thursday, 24 June 2010

17 Mirror Shine lipsticks

Hello lovely ladies,
I'm pretty sure you'll have seen these floating around on blogs and youtube channels, and I thought I'd put my two cents in and let you know what I think :)

So at the moment in Boots, you'll gain 100 points for every 17 Mirror Shine lipstick you buy. Great for those with an Advantage Card - more excuse to pick up a variety of colours ;) As well as that if you spend £6 or more on 17 brand products, you'll get a free 'travel make up kit' which I'll post about tomorrow :) So yes. These are some lipsticks not to be missed!!

Hollywood, Beehive and Nudist Peach
Here they are in all their glory... I'm not too mad about the packaging, it's okay I guess. They retail at £4.49 so if you bought 2 you would qualify for the freebie.

Onto the swatches. The colours didn't pick up too well on my lips, but the swatches on my wrist are the true colour of these beauties.

First up; Hollywood. This is the first red lipstick in my collection! In the tube it looks like a very scary, but when applied it is more of a raspberry red, still pretty bold for a neutral-lover like me!

Secondly; Beehive. The lip swatch here is a little off - so go by the swatch on my skin. This is a really pretty pinky/nude colour. My lips are very naturally pigmented and as these are quite sheer I dab a little concealer underneath to cancel out the red pigment.

Last but not least; Nudist peach. Once again, go by the swatch on my wrist because for some reason it won't pick the colour up properly on my lips. I love this colour, but again... I need to dab on some concealer. But it's a very pretty peach colour and this will definitely experience some major useage throughout the summer.

Now onto what I think of them... as the name suggests (mirror shine) they give a very nice, glossy sheen to the lips. They remind me of a MAC Lustre... which I love. It's especially good if you're much more of a lip gloss person but are trying to get into lipsticks, this would be a good transition.

It's also very good for anyone like me who is a little bit 'stand off'ish about bold and bright colours. A lip gloss is a great way of trying out bold colours as they aren't as pigmented (in most cases) and can be made a lot more subtle. Again, as these are similar to a gloss I picked up a bright red lipstick. It's definitely made me feel a lot more comfortable about wearing a bright colour on the lips.

The staying power is actually surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting for it to stay on for the good 2.5/3 hours that it does. And the fact that it is so moisturising makes it a pleasure to wear. I wear lipstick everyday and usually I'll have to apply carmex all throughout the day to keep the chapped look away. Whilst I've been wearing these I've only really had to put on some carmex before I go to bed!
To be honest, I've always looked past the brand 17, but thanks to blogger, and their special points offer, it's really drawn me in! I think they'll be a few items that I want to pick up now the quality of these are so nice. These have scored a big fat 9/10 for me...

Satisfactory staying power,
No need for a lip gloss,
On offer at the moment ;)
Varied range of colours,
Accessible (to those in the UK)

The packaging can look a bit tacky,
Needs a good few swipes to get an even colour

Have you tried these? Are you as in love? And look out for what comes in the free travel make up kit tomorrow :)


  1. I really like 'Hollywood'. £4.49 is a good price.

  2. I bought Beehive and absolutly love it!
    I just think it feels lush on my lips so moisurising! xx

  3. @Laura - yeah, pretty cheap for an amazing quality lippy!

    @Abbie - i agree 100%, its the most moisturising l/s i've ever tried


  4. Great swatches! Hollywood looks hot on you :)

  5. these are such nice colours :) X


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