Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Hey beautifuls,
I was thinking the other day, about how I haven't been wanting much recently... and how long ago it was I compiled a 'wishlist'. Which then, of course, resulted in me writing up a whole list of things I wanted (and clearly wasn't even aware of wanting) lol! I thought I'd share with you guys incase one of them were rubbish, or really are a necessity to add to my collection!

Body Shop Body Brush
I've always known the 'effects' of body brushing, but I'd never fully believed it. But after reading very glowing reviews about this brush in particular on a number of blogs, including Laura's, I just really want to get into it and see what it can do for that pesky orange peel on the back of my very upper thigh!

Vanilla + Dewberry Perfume Oils
Apparently they last a long time? Somebody let me know :) I'm looking for a new summer fragrance but want to try one of these out.

MAC Blushes in Dollymix and Harmony
I have two spaces to fill in my blush palette, and from looking at swatches I think these two would fit in just perfectly!

MAC Lipsticks in Costa Chic and Creme D'Nude
As the sun becomes a much more frequent thing, the appearance of Costa Chic is making me very jelous! It's the perfect coral. As for Creme D'Nude, the melting tragedies just haven't put me off. Has there ever been a more perfect nude?

Large Vented Rollers
I'm always trying to find ways of getting cute and easy hairstyles without too much heat. I only used rollers once, and they weren't very good... however, I'm willing to give them another try in a bid to get volumous, summer hair minus the heat!

On sale at New Look - £10

New Look - £22

New Look - £18

Motel - £35

What are you wishing for?


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  2. Love your wishlist :)
    I have the body shop brush , but i dont know where its gone , when i used it i got the best results ever , you have made me so determined to find it now!
    I agree with you on cream d'nude it is the perfect nude and i dont think i mind if mine melts as i will just buy an empty pot from mac and fill it up in that and harden it so it wont go everywhere ,so i can wear the amazing nude no matter what it does!
    I havent looked at Costa Chic at M.A>C i will though next time i am there you have me intrigued i am looking for a perfect summer coral lipstick!
    Great post hun Eloise xoxo

  3. Never tried perfume oils. I love the scene of vanilla.

    Im currently in need of a new YSL Touche Eclat, mine has run out but waiting till in a couple of weeks time when I go on hol as can get it in duty free :)

    I just bought my first blusher from MAC in 'Well dressed'. Such a lovely shade.


  4. Fab wishlist, loving those shorts from new look, I need some black shorts actually for this fabulous weather we've been having. Umm not much I'm wanting to be honest. I want an Iphone so bad, but I'm getting that in sept eeeek!

  5. Body brushing is the best! I'm also looking into getting rollers, I watched a behind-the-scenes of a victoria's secret show and all the angels had rollers in. Therefore rollers = looking like a supermodel.


  6. @Simply Naturale - ahh better get hunting ;) i think ill go and pick it up next week... ive only heard good things about it! i agree with you, i need creme d'nude in my life... melted or not, lol!

    @Laura - yay for duty free!! always a great excuse to grab a 'bargain' haha, oh and have a lovely holiday too chick!

    @Kelly - i know, this weather was so unexpected i'ma have to go and buy some new shorts pronto! ahh iPhone4?

    @Miss Lipton - im so with you! definitely going to get some rollers now i know i'll look like a victorias secret model ;)


  7. Ohh that New Look top which is in the sale is lovely! xx


  8. That's a pretty good wish list you've got there. I am also craving dolly mix by MAC. All I can say is ROLL ON PAYDAY! :) xx

  9. Agree completely on costa chic and the body brush, I also want to try their little face scrubber haha :)


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