Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bring it home boys!

Hello cupcakes,
I'm guessing you've all heard about England going onto the next round (finally some good football) the game was sooo tense, and now we have Germany and Argentina!! Gonna be hard, but our lads can do it ;) I decided to show my support with my nails, rather than purchasing an over priced shirt...

Not very neat, admitedly but considering this was done after the match, and after one (or five) celebratory drinks, I'm pretty impressed lol. Needless to say the next morning at college, was not enjoyable!

Who are you guys backing for the cup?


  1. Cute and easy design - love it :)
    Goooooooo ENGLAND -cheers with pom poms- :P

  2. i love these,they're so cute! and i've seen rather alot of girls with these nails, much better than a shirt! x

  3. LOve this!!!!
    come on england :) xxxx


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