Sunday, 6 June 2010

This time last year...

Hello my loves,
So, I know proms and the likes are coming up and I really hope you all have a great one, that your exams went/are going well... and this whole period in your life is memorable for all the right reasons :) It got me thinking... this time last year it was me who was leaving school. Doesn't feel like a year at all!! I always said there would be no way that I'd miss high school, whatsoever... but you know what? When people say they're the best days of your life - they weren't lying! So make the most of it!

I thought I would share some pictures of my prom and stuffs :) At the school I went to there were basically 4 events that happen when you leave school.
1- the last day where everyone signs shirts (yes I still have mine!!)
2- whole year trip to thorpe park (this was super fun)
3- leavers day
4 - prom.

Now I don't know about your area but in mine, we were the only school to do 'leavers day'. Basically, everybody comes in all nice and dressed up (not as dressed up as prom) and have a whole assembly and hand out awards blah blah... then at the end of the day the limo's you booked turn up and sweep you up and take you for meals and what not. It's a really amazing day that when you start at the school the year 7's can't wait to do it... the whole school comes out to watch you get in your limos and stuff :) We went for a meal first and then there was a massive house party ;) So here are some photo's from my leavers day :)

Our very tacky, but very enjoyable White Hummer Limo, lol!
We ended up blowing the speakers... oops.

And now onto Prom... the stress finding a dress caused me!! A big puffy ballgown was never going to be my style. They look lovely on others, just not for me lol. I was being really picky and I almost ended up with no dress whatsoever.
Getting ready with a few shots down you probably isnt the best but... we got there!

Everyone have a great prom or whatevs... can't wait to see the photo's of hair, make up and dresses! :D Please, please, please make the most of it!


  1. Aw, looks like you had a great time - lovely photos! x

  2. Ahhh i've already had my prom and done the blog post ;)

    feels good to have left..but sad too

  3. aww i love this post :)
    i might do one of my prom later!
    what a great night it was x

  4. Great pics, you look gorgeous x


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