Thursday, 3 June 2010

Banana's for Banoffee!

Hello ladies,
Like what I did with the title there? Ha - I'm inventive. Anyways, it's my boyfriend's 20th birthday soon, and I normally always make birthday cakes for everyone... because I love making, and eating them :D Butt.. I know that Dean's favourite desert is banoffee pie, so I thought I'd go about perfecting the delicious, calorie, camarel laden pudding. I must say - I did a good job I must say ;)

The photo's are rubbishy because my sister's having my camera for her holiday, so I'm stuck with a bit of an unmanageable phone camera. Onto the goodies ;)

look at the goo! yum.

I'll probably do a little post the next time I make one with my technique and stuffs, even though it's pretty simple :) What are your favourite deserts?


  1. Hmm yummy, looks good even though I hate bananas. My fav desert had to be warm chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream. So wrong yet so right! xx

  2. that looks amazing and very tasty haha! :D xxx

  3. Looks yummy, wish i could bake cakes!! My favourite would have to be strawberry cheesecake, hmm x


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