Monday, 9 August 2010

Cellnique Review: Skin Action Gel

Evening ladies,
A month or so ago I was sent two products from a skin care company that seems to be doing it's rounds on blogger lately - I know a lot of people are sceptical of reviews where the products have been sent to the writer but this will be a completely frank and honest review. I write this blog for you guys and myself, not for companies!

The first product I'm going to review is the Skin Action Sebum Gel, which is basically a spot treatment gel. If you want more information on the ingredients and how it works then visit the page; here.

The first thing I noticed about this product is the packaging - it looks really high quality, sleek and it has a pump! I really like products that have pumps, it feels much more hygienic to me? Plus I feel you have more control over how much product you use. I also find the pump is actually really good... other pump products (I'm looking at you Grease lightning), the pump seems to break. This is a really nice pump to use, and easy to control.

This comes out of kind of a clear gel, and it does have a bit of a strong scent - kind of reminds me of something like vicks vapour rub? So if you don't like the scent of that, then this will probably be a bit nasty for you to begin with, but the scent does die down once applied, to the point you don't notice it. Also after about 4 uses, I couldn't even smell anything, so don't be put off by the smell.

You can use this both morning and night, which is great. I'll probably make comparisons to LUSH's Grease lightning, because the products are very similar. I wouldn't be able to use Grease lightning in the mornings as it can be quite drying, which is why this product is so good. I use this both morning and night and doesn't cause any tightness or dry patches.

I use this on any oily spots, and any blemishes I have or can feel coming up. It does make the spot less angry and red, as well as reducing it in size. I wouldn't say it clears up all spots... but treatment over a couple of days significantly improves the look of the blemish.

It retails for $51 (£31.90) which is quite pricey on top of delivery, but I'd say it's definitely worth it. It does works, and it does improve the appearance of spots... without over drying. 

Hope this has helped somewhat :) if you have any further questions, just ask below!


  1. Great review going to try this out !!thanks

  2. Great review and love your blog.

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  3. @Fern - it is a lifesaver!

    @Kandie - ah great, it won't dissapoint

    @Chanel - thank you honey, that's really sweet of you :)


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