Sunday, 8 August 2010

Still alive!

Good evening (night) all,
Sorry for my un-announced mini-break from blogging. I think it's actually only been about 4/5 days but god, it feels like a long time. Me and my boyfriend were 'dogsitting' if you will for his cousin... who left us lots of yummy food (and wine) which was great, and was kind of like a long weekend away for us both.

This was the lovely doggy we were looking after, Leo. He is the best behaved dog I've ever come across, and so, so cute! Really made a bond with this little fella, he definitely took a shining to me rather than Dean... which he wasn't too impressed about. It was hard leaving him tonight :(

On a separate note, the boy got himself a car after passing his test on his birthday (30th July), so I thought it would only be right to include a photo...

Just a little Corsa which is yet to be named... ideas anyone? We've been on a few trips in this girlie already with me flicking through CDs too often for Dean's liking but there you go... girls will be girls ;) It's giving me even more enthusiasm to pass my test and get myself some wheels ;)

I hope all of your weekends have been pleasant :) I have quite a few reviews coming up and some more 'summer dashes' even though the English weather is far from 'summer' at the moment, but I wouldn't change it for the world... spontaneity is a good thing... right?


  1. You should really erase the number plate, It's not very safe.

  2. thanks, i uploaded the wrong photo :)

  3. haha lovely! such a cute little dog!xx

  4. Aww great post! The dog is so cute :)


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