Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Hello ladies,
So, I logged onto my youtube today to watch some vids, and what did I find? A new Kandee Johnson video, eeeeek. Not only that... she was showing the new Urban Decay Palette 'Naked'. Filled to the brim with 12, yes 12 neutral colours. JACKPOT! I'm so jelous and can't wait for this to be brought to the UK, I will have my eyes peeled firmly open!

Does anyone happen to know any details?


  1. I know, I watched that video last night and to be honest normally skip over her vids sometimes
    But i want that palette!! xx

  2. I really want this palette too !

    I heard that it should be available in the uk around september or october and should be abput £28-£30!

    I dont wani wait, i want it now :(

    I checked urban decay stands last week but no, they def dont have it here yet (tear) lol


  3. @Abbie - me and you both chick!

    @Nichola - that's just farrr to long to wait! lol, this is when i wish i had some american friends!!!


  4. I haven't gone out to check it out yet but I love the colours!! Neutrals are my fave!



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