Saturday, 17 July 2010


Hello ladies (and gents?),
So I recently did a small boots and elf haul which you can find here. And I promised some swatches and also reviews on some of the products. Most of the elf products I want to do in-depth reviews for, such as the HD powder... so I need to carry on using that for a bit longer. But things like the blush and 17 eyeshadows I can do quick speed reviews, which will probably be up in a few days because I want this post to be short and sweet :)

17 Solo eyeshadows
I'm not normally someone who picks up sperate eyeshadows - I'll usually just buy palettes or trios, but I couldn't resist these! I picked up 2 colours, both from the neutral spectrum suprise, suprise! These are currently on offer: 2 for £6. Massive bargain for the quality, pick these up! I will be doing a review on these little guys, as I'm gonna pick up some more, so if you're interested keep a look out for that :)

17 Trio
More nudes, sorry! Once again I'll do a more detailed review soon :) But in this trio you get a nude colour, warm brown as well as a cool brown. These retail for £4.99

Natural Collection lipstick
This is a lipstick from the moisture shine lipstick at natural collection, it's a really baby pink nude, althought i was expecting this to be slightly nuder, I'm still very happy with it :) Annnd they're only £1.50!!

Elf blush
So this is the blush from elf's studio line in the shade 'Gotta Glow', which obviously is more of a highlight shade. And it's exactly that - the perfect highlight! Watch out for this in FOTD's :)

Elf Cream Eyeliner
I love this stuff already! The cream eyeliner from elf. I can already tell without using it so far - this stuff WILL NOT budge!

Hope that helps a little for those that wanted to see colours and things :) And I promise there will be reviews coming up soon girlies!


  1. hey natalie! I love ur blog- I just did a FOTD on my blog and mentioned ur blog! :) please check it out :)


  2. thank you hun, thats so sweet of you! <3 I'm your newest follower ;) xoxo

  3. Thanks so much!!! :)
    Do you have a twitter? maybe? :)

  4. Thanks for the swatches, the 17 solo eyeshadows will be defo something i'll be checking out when i next go boots!

    how hard is it to remove the cream liner? LOL i have wanted it for ages~ but i don't want to kill my eye to take it off like the sleek one :) x

  5. @sidobelei - that's no prob! they're definitely well worth having a look at, there's loads of shades to choose from too :) well... i haven't actually tried the liner on my eyes yet, but from the swatch a baby wipe took it off a little bit, but it was still there - a make up remover took it off with ease though :) i'll be putting a review up and I'll include that for you xoxo

  6. Hi :]

    Those eyeshadow's look lovely .. I used to have the trio one a few years ago and used it all up!

    That cream eyeliner looks good, ive never used a cream one before thou :( lol

    Im now your newest follower =)

    - óÓX;x

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  8. Those eyeshadows look so beautiful! I love anything shiny haha
    I have the natural collection lipstick, I find it's great as a base but I didn't like it much on it's own.


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