Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer Dash #1

Afternoon beautifuls,
So this morning I woke up with about 10 minutes until I had to leave, in my mad rush I went straight for my 5 minute, failproof make up look. I thought I'd start a little series of these summer 'dash out the door' looks.

This looks is so, so simple. It's a great one when you've had a late night or are feeling a bit groggy, because it's all about bright, wide-awake eyes with a tiny bit of definition. And like most I like to keep make up to a minimum in summer. Sorry I'm so washed out, my phone camera isn't great.

I didn't have time to take photo's as I went, so here's a step-by-step guide to how I achieved this look :)

Step 1 - I primed my face after cleansing and moisturising. I use the No7 Colour Calming Primer for red skin, all over the face and concentrate more of it on particularly red areas.
Step 2 - I apply the No7 Skin Illuminator onto the tip of my ring finger and dab it onto the top of my cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Be quite generous as it can be disguised by foundation.
Step 3 - I use one pump and apply it with my MAC 187, buffing in circular motions.

Step 4 - Apply primer to the eyelid (for a tiny bit of colour and a even base)
Step 5 - Take a grey/brown/taupey colour and apply lightly to the crease, I used my elf blending brush
Step 6 - Highlight your brow bone and tear duct with Benefit's eye bright, and use it to line your waterline
Step 7 - Apply mascara

Step 8 - Use a corally/peachy blush with gold shimmer, I use MACs Springsheen
Step 9 - Apply a light pink lipstick or gloss. I used 17 Mirror Shine in BeeHive

It looks like a lot of steps, but honestly its so quick and suppppper simple!


  1. Such a nice simple look, nice post, I'm excited to see more from the series :) x

  2. Gorgeous! This sounds like a great idea for a new series! I'll be coming back for more :) xx

  3. you look naturally gorgeous xxx

  4. Good post :) You look really nice :) x

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