Thursday, 3 December 2009

Accessorize necklaces

I'm really in love with Accessorize. Everything is so cute and usually reasonably priced! I particularly love their necklaces. They have such a wide range of items and you can't find some treasures and cutesy little bits and pieces in there. So, when I was walking past a few weeks ago, I had to have a peek inside. I only bought 2 necklaces, I think they were both £5 and here they are...

My camera just wouldn't focus on this necklace, which is a shame because it has some beautiful details. It's just a simple gold chain with a gold anchor at the bottom. It's only a small pendant... and has rope detail wrapped around it. Which is thought was really pretty! I like this necklace a lot, I'd been looking for an achor necklace for a while and this one seemed perfect :)

I thought this necklace was just so sweet and I had to get it. It's on a gold chain and has an envelope on the bottom with a pink heart stamp, then a gold piece of paper type thing with 'I Love You' engraved on it. I couldn't resist this little beauty! I love wearing this and I've got a lot of compliments on it. Accessorize is deffinitley the place I go to when I'm look for a new necklace or earrings. Get yourself down there!



  1. I was eyeing up the I love you necklace in store last week but decided I didn't need it, now I really want it again lol, so pretty and cute x

  2. Haha! You should go and get it - call it an early Christmas present for yourself! Lol. xoxo

  3. ahh i love the anchor necklace! so amazing.
    i have a couple of them myself :)

  4. The anchor necklace is gorgeous.
    I have seen the earings to match and I really want them both lol.

    Love Raspberrykiss <3

  5. @RaspberryKiss - Omg, there are matching earrings?! I'm going to have to go back now! Lol xoxo


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