Friday, 11 December 2009

Beauty UK

Superdrug is just a place that draws me in. Everytime I walk past. The Beauty UK palette's have never really grabbed my attention... I'd always known they were there, but they haven't ever seemed anything overly special to me. However, I watched a tutorial on youtube (for the life of me I can't remember who, so sorry!), using one of the Beauty UK palette's. The guru had only good things to say about these eyeshadows - at £3.95 I thought I might aswell give them a try!

So I got the Beauty UK eyeshadow collection numer 4. This is the most neutral out of them all, I'm not really someone who wears a lot of colour on their eyes (although I am trying to branch out a bit, lol). I have to say I'm really glad I bought this! Beautiful colours that are very easy to wear, and great for everyday looks. The colour pay off is better than I was expecting... the colours are quite pigmented but I wouldn't go as far as saying they are as good as the Sleek Makeup palettes, although they are almost there! I'm thinking I'll pop into superdrug again and pick out another one! I'd say this would be a great stocking filler and aat £3.95 you can't go wrong! Here are the pics...

Here are the swatches. The top one was taken without flash, the bottom one with flash. All the swatches are in order of how they are presented in the palette. I did these all very quickly so not all colours are as strong as they should be. They all have a beautiful shimmer :)

Have any of you got BeautyUK palettes? What one would you recommend for me to get next? :)


  1. I really like the E/S Pods the pigment is quite good & the colours are pretty plus there super cheap :)

  2. No sorry i do not own any
    do you know if they are avaliable in Australia?

  3. Hi I'm now a follower of yours :D
    I was looking at these palettes the other day and I wish I got one now.
    The colours look really pretty.

    Love Raspberrykiss <3

  4. @Jordan - As far as I know they're only available in stores called Superdrug in the UK. If I find out they are available elsewhere I'll be sure to let you know :) xoxo

    @RaspberryKiss - Thanks for becoing a follower! Much appreciated, and I've also checked out your blog and done the same :) I think you should treat yourself, the palettes are fab! xoxo

  5. ive got the number 3 palette of the beauty UK, its a glitter palette of 5 colours, and then lighter versions of the same colours, i only bought it for the glittery black! I like the palettes as there SUPER cheap but i prefer my original sleek palette ... i do want more sleek palettes as there my new fav's!

    x <3 x

  6. @Stacey - ooh glitter! think i'll be going out to buy that one then! lol. everyone loves a bit of sparkle this time of year :D xoxo

  7. Omg I was at a place called Hooty's in Birmingham and I picked number 1,2&3 up and they were only £1.76 bargain !
    I love them so much :D
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3


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