Thursday, 10 December 2009

Give-away and MAC code

Okay so the first thing is an amazing blogger is holding an amazing holiday giveaway. Her name is Erica and if you're not already following her, then you deffinitely should be!! Here is her give-away post :)

And the second thing I have to say (for those of you who don't recieve e-mails from MAC) is that they are offering free standard delivery on all of their orders at with the code FREESHIP09.So take advantage of that :) The offer ends THIS Saturday at midnight. Enjoy MACing!



  1. Peachy Keen is such a cute name
    one of my cousins xbox name is that but his a thats weird!
    LOL :)
    btw i cbb logging into my account but my blog's link is and i followed :)

  2. @Jordan - Lol, thank you hun - all stemmed from my favourite MAC blush :)

    Thank you for following!! I've also followed yours, great blog! xoxo


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