Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ins and outs babaay.

Christmas: it's the day after next! Can you believe it?! It's really snuck up on me man... at the moment I can't actually contain my excitement. I love Christmas so much, and although it's my first Christmas without my mummy, it's going to be a good one. Bring it on ;)

Rihanna's album R-Rated: been listening to this a hell of a lot lately. I'm preferring her music now to her 'pon de replay' and 'umbrella' days. Really good listen. If you like Russian Roulette and Wait Your Turn, deffinitley go and listen to this. Some amazing tracks on here!

Turning 17: my birthday is on the 4th of January, and I'm quite excited. Normally I don't get that excited about my birthdays, they don't really mean a lot to me :/ But this year... omg! Means I get to drive! I've been waiting to drive ever since I knew what a car even was. I love, love cars and I know I'm going to love driving! Watch out Jenson Button ;) haha nahh I'm just kidding. It's a bit surreal really though, I always saw 17 as 'grown-up' when I was younger. I still feel like a little kid at times lol, suppose this means I'm going to have to grow up :O

Lipsy just opened: Lipsy has some amazing dresses, always loved their stuff and now I don't have to go on their website to browse, woop! They've just opened a Lipsy store at our mall (Churchill Square in Brighton). Just in time for Christmas and New year, well done Lipsy!

Christmas temps: sorry if you're a Christmas temp... but I really don't like you at the moment guys! Ha! Just joking... but seriously as if it wasn't hard enough to get a job! Now I have to wait til all the temps have gone to try and find myself a job again. Stressin' me out this is. I want to work so badly! But so hard to find a job.

Ice: yes, okay, okay... I enjoyed the snow. I was like a little child and I played in it for hours. However, I do not like the ice it's left behind. It's like an ice rink around my area!! The only way to get to the bus stop is to chance breaking you neck, lmao.

Having no dollar: yep, like I said - so hard to find a job. This equals no money. Which equals a very unhappy Natalie. Plus Christmas on top of that, I don't really mind spending money at Christmas though. I absolutely love finding that perfect present for someone, the money doesn't matter.

Storage: maybe this is something you girls could help me with. I need some more storage for my make up and I wanted some of those small plastic drawers? Orrrr, I've seen some strong cardboardy coloured ones in WHSmiths, but they don't have them anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. ohh i absolutly adore Lipsy but the dresses make me look like im playing dressup :/

  2. omfg I love rhiannas new stuff aswell! I couldnt STAND umbrella! ella ella elaa.. omfg so annoying. her new stuff has made me fall inlove with her though! love it x

  3. I love these posts lol & lipsy is one of my fav stores & they have just opened up in Belfast yay haha have a great xmas xoxo

  4. its so icy where i live too :/! have a lovely xmas and birthday (: X

  5. Thank you, everyone have a GREAT Christmas!! xoxo

  6. For storage go to ikea - something like these

    or they do small plain wooden drawers which are also dead cheap & i customise mine with stuff :)


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