Thursday, 31 December 2009

Change of skincare routine

My Body Shop skincare was running out, I did a bit of research and chose some new products. I'd seen a few reviews on blogger and youtube about the Boots Botanics skin care range (all good ones) so I thought I'd pick products from this line. In the end I went for the Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse and the Pore Perfecting Toner (both for blemish prone skin). I'd never used a cleansing mousse before, so I was quite excited :)

Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse.
Okay so on the front of the bottle is states 'Rosemary protects and clarifies. Willow Bark exfoliates and clears' on the back it continues to say 'Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally. The oil-free mousse sweeps away impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells, while alsokeeping skin smooth and healthy looking. Formulated to be non-pore blocking' I have oily and blemish prone skin so this was all sounding very good.

The cleansing mousse comes in a bottle with a pump top, which i love - keeps bacteria out and it's easy to control how much product you use. I'd say you only need one pump, this is plenty to use on the whole of your face. It lathers up nicely, moderately foamy but as you can see from the picture, the more you rub it in, the foam settles down. It has a slight scent to it, which is hard to describe, but its very pleasant. It leaves your skin feeling really fresh and clean afterwards and also seems to firm up your skin a bit, but not to the point that it feels tight. I also found that it left my skin so smooth! It hasn't really got rid of any blemishes that I already had... but it certainly has stopped the spread of them, or any new ones from forming, which is fab! As for the pores? I can't see that this product has done alot. I've never used a mousse before but so far I'm really liking this product.

Pore Prefecting Toner.
On the front of the bottle it says 'Rosemary protects and clarifies. Amazonian clay obsorbs oil' on the back it pretty much says the same as the cleanser, that it has plant extracts bladi-bladi-bla.
So this just comes in a plain bottle with screwtop with just an open hole. Hmm, this is okay but it's easy to over pour the product, so a squeezy bottle with the liquid equivelant of a sifter (I don't have any idea what that's called) would've been nicer. But it's no problem. Weirdly, this does have a scent... it's similar to a clay mud mask smell. This also left my skin feeling very smooth and really did abosrb all the oil - it stopped that 'midday shine' too, which is pretty darn good! Along with stopping my face from looking shiny in the day, it's also stopped my pores from looking so big. The cleanser really hasn't done this but I have seen a big difference because of the toner. My pores aren't noticeable anymore. This is a great toner, would deffinitley recommend this to those of you that have oily skin.

I also decided to change my moisturiser. I had been using Olay Beauty Fluid... and to be honest I just wasn't diggin' it. It claimed to be non-greasy, but it felt greasy to me? I just didn't like it. I'd also never used a night cream and I thought it was about time - way overdue. I decided on Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser to use in the mornings and Superdrug's Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream.

Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturiser.
If you didn't know, I had previously been using tea tree cleansers and toners... and it really worked with keeping my break-outs under control. So, I didn't want to completley eliminate the tea tree element from my routine, so I saw this little moisturiser in Superdrug and thought I'd grab it. Superdrug say 'Moisturiser with natural tea tree and peppermint oils and aloe vera extract'.

This moisturiser smells very minty as it contains peppermint oil. The peppermint oil also gives a cooling effect to the skin, which is great to wake you up in the mornings. The moisturiser bottle comes with a pump... I love pumps because it's much easier to control the amount you use and no bacteria is able to get into the product. Unfortunately this comes in a tiny bottle (30ml) which means it's probably not going to last me very long at all. It sinks into the skin almost instantly and feels very light - but very moisturising at the same time. I'd like to repurchase this as I'm really enjoying it... but is it really worth it for the tiny bottle?

Superdrug's Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream.
I decided to get this moisturiser after reading a review on Natalie's blog. Great review, tells you all you need to know and a fabulous blogger too - so you should deffinitley follow if you aren't already!

This moisturiser has a beautiful scent, that I really like, it's a creamy moisturiser and is white in colour. The packaging is simple but nice... Although the consistency is thick, it feels quite light on the skin - to me it doesn't feel like it clogs your pores like a lot of other thick night creams do (which is why I stopped using them in the first place). It abosrbs in the skin faster than I thought it would, and feels nourishing right from when you put it on and in the morning my skin feels smooth and healthy. Plus this tube is huuuuge (125ml) so will last me forever - you only need a very small amount, it goes a long way.

If you have any questions about my skin care/type of skin/past experiences, just leave a comment below :)


  1. I think you choose some very nice products.
    i love skincare in mousse form. It feels so clean and fresh.
    I have just started YouTube and was wonderinf if, um, maybe you could check it out. I'm sorry. I dont want to be one of those annoying idiots who spams everyone and begs for people to check their stuff out. haha okay im rambling.

  2. The idea of a mousse cleanser is enticing!!! I havent ever tried one, but would def want to. I kinda stay clear of products that are specifically designed for oily skin, as I feel they dry out my combination skin ALOT, to the point that its all dry and flakey! But I have a super super OILY nose, so sometimes Im tempted.
    The tea tree moisturizer sounds lovely! If its working better then anything else you've tried, it definitely is worth paying the price!

    I used to think that I had oily skin, until a lady at the clinique counter said that years of using products for oily skin has dried my skin out, therefore the sebum has actually INCREASED, making up for the oils that the products stripped away.

    Now my skincare is soooo basic. Switching between Cetaphil adn Dermalogica Special Cleansing gel, as the cleansers, and switching between Simple Light Hydrating Moisturizer and Clarins Hydra Matte moisturizer. I also found that using SERUMS help alot, so Im using a pore minimizer one at the moment, and also Jurlique Herbal Recovery to give that added moisture without the oiliness :)

    omfg what a rant!

  3. @Jordan - Yeah course I'll check it out :) I'll put up a post for you too!

    @Lorien - It must be hard having combination skin... trying to get the balance between using dry&oily products!!


  4. See i use no7 day and night cream and their eyecream day and night - expensive but SO worth it & although my skin is fairly oily midday and can breakout i find "Amie" ( Morning clear facial wash does enough.

    I might review them soon tbh :) xx

  5. wow i really want to try that toner now :D,X

  6. I want to try out the pore perfecting deep clean mousse, i'v never had a mousse cleanser before so i think i might pick it up when i'm next out :)

  7. I've got sensitive skin, so I tend to stick to my normal facial cleansing routine. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Botanics. I'm getting curious now..... :)

  8. Happy New Year ! :D
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3

  9. @Laura Jayne - Yeah I think you should review, I would defs like to see it :)

    @witoxicity - I've also heard only good things about Botanics, and so far it's been great for me! I don't have sensitive skin so I can't really advise but the Botanics range do have products made for sensitive skin. I put some links below in case you wanted to have a look at the reviews :)


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