Tuesday, 15 December 2009

First french manicure

Normally, I leave french manicures to fake nails... but as I was looking through my nail polish collection I found I had the right elements for a french manicure. I thought, why not give it a try? So I did. Bearing in mind this is my first ever try at doing french tis... I'm quite pleased with them. They could do with being neatened up, but ahh well.

Let me know what you guys think... and if you have any tips, fire them this way!!

Here are the products I used, if anyone's interested...
- Barry M 3in1 topcoat, basecoat & nail hardener
- Miss Sporty, the pale pink 'french manicure'
- Rimmels I love lasting finish, London Clouds
I love miss sporty nail polishes, they work brilliantly, they last for a long time and they're MEGA cheap.




  1. That is amazing especially for your first go. You have really nice finger nails. I reccomend applying clear top coat once you see it is starting to wear off or the layers are becoming thinner.

  2. @Jordan - Thanks hun! :D They're all different lengths at the moment lol, trying to get them in shape! After yeaaaars of biting *bows head in shame* Thanks for the tip!! xoxo

  3. this is your first try? i'm really impressed because that's really beautiful :) you did a really good work :)

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  4. @audrey - Thank you chick! I think it was just begginers luck, haha xoxo


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