Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter wonderland!

Last night when I went to bed... it was snowing. This morning when I woke up - it had fallen! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snow, I really do! The UK don't really cope well with snow, lol. It's been expected for weeks but everything still grinds to a holt - the trains, buses, airports, schools are closed. We're rubbish to be honest and I love it!

In the south-east we don't normally get much snow... once a year if we're lucky. And normally thats only a thin coating, no where near enough to build a snow man. Although we did get a bit in Febuary. So I got out of bed, still in my pj's, chucked on some boots and a coat... and went out taking pictures! I thought I would share them because they are so beautiful. I am officially in the most festive mood ever!

This is the fence in our back garden

Haha, my reflection in the back door.

Stunning, right??

I live in a close, and this is oppisite my house, and I caught it just as the sun was coming up - SO pretty

For some reason I love footprints in snow <3

This is the view from the very entrance of the close

This is our little mini balcony thingy :)

Anddddd... you're porbably getting bored of all the pictures but I thought seeing as though I'm feeling so christmassy I would show you our tree. We don't like our tree all neat and symetrical. Me and my Dad call it 'rustic' ha!

This is just my favourite bauble ever so I had to include it!

Happy holidays bloggers! Enjoy the snow if you have any... and if you don't like snow? Well... it's just ane xcuse to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot choc and marshmallows!


  1. so beautiful! i wish it snowed more in Australia.
    enjoy your white Christmas darling! x

  2. Ahaha it was snowing, well it's still snowing in France too !!
    I love i!

    Happy holidays xo

  3. @tenxx - ahh, well at least you get the sun! i haven't seen the sun for 16 years! ;)

    @Marie - ooh it gets me so excited!! lol. have a great holiday! and i know you're travelling so have a safe journey :) xoxo

  4. Awww I know what you mean! At 12pm I was looking at the falling snow from my window, it was so pretty! Though I didn't like the fact that I had to go school today =_= I really wished there was a free day just like in FEB lol that time was amazing XD no buses whatsoever!


  5. i LOVE the snow !! shame i had to work today otherwise i would of played in it all day!
    Some really pretty pics huni


  6. that is the cutest little baubel!


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