Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Today I had an orthadontist appointment, which is in the middle of town and I couldn't resist the temptation of wandering into the mall (you know how it is, lol)... Especially as I knew Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 on everything, which excites me greatly lol. I told myself that I could only get 3 things (for the 3 for 2) but... I ended up getting six - oops. I also got some gloves :) Here we go...

GOSH Velvet touch foundation primer - RRP £13.00
Maybelline Last Stiletto mascara - RRP £7.99
Rimmel Max Volume Flash macara - RRP £6.49
Maybelline Line Definer liquid eyeliner - RRP £4.99
Barry M Khol eyeliner pencil in White - RRP £2.95
Barry M Nail paint in Pure Turquoise - RRP £2.95
I got the two Barry M products for free so this little lost cost me £32.47 :)

Andddd I got those lovely little fingerless gloves that have a little bit you can put over the top to transform them to mittens. Been wanting some of these for ages but didn't want to splash out too much. I found these ones at Sainsburys for £3.50!! I love them.

Just going to include pictures of the mascara wands incase anyone else was interested in buying them but wanted to see the brushes first :)



  1. I love the Volume Flash Mascara - definetly one I repurchase!

  2. @Caz - I haven't tried it out yet but everybody keeps telling me how great it is, so I'm quite excited! Lol xoxo

  3. hey brill haul ... but a lil trick for you .. to save a lil bit more money ... instead of paying for it all together, pay for it in two lots, e.g pay for the top 3 items in one go and then you save £6.49 ... then buy the other 3 bits and save a further £2.95 so instead of just saving £5.90 you'd save £9.44 ... i didnt realise to my BF told me the other day in superdrug hahaha!!


  4. @Stacey - Tell your boyfriend he is a complete and utter genius!! Keep hold of him ;) haha! xoxo


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