Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Eye of the day (EOTD)

Quick little eye of the day. I achieved this look with the beautyuk palette (4). I used the two greys (one dark and one light) and the black colour. But of course, you can use any greys/blacks that you have :) This look is just really quick and easy to do when you just need to rush out the door.

I used the light grey all over the lid, the dark grey on the outer third of the lid and I used the black slightly in the crease and to darken out the the outer v. I've also taken a picture at the begining of the day, and one at the end. Just to show you how much staying-power these beauties have!!

TOP: Start of the day
BOTTOM: End of the day



  1. nice EOTD girl! it looks like last forever!

  2. @patukki - thanks chick! it really does last for agess, get your hands on one if you can! :) xoxo


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