Tuesday, 1 December 2009

That time of the year ;)

It's no secret that I am one HUGE fan of Christmas. Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I will be the first one counting down to Christmas. I really don't know why I'm like it... nor my Mum or Dad are big on Christmas... but I just love, love, love it!!! The lights, the dinner, finding the perfect present for someone, THE DECORATIONS! Just makes me go all fuzzy inside :D

I am allowed to do this now as the 'official' countdown has started. But *sob* I forgot to get an Advent Calendar :( bad times! But yes, this is what I'm hoping to find in my stocking or under my tree this year!

Super cute pic, right??
Can't claim it as my own though, found it on google images.

- MAC Lipstick, Plink. I've wanted this lipstick for so long! If nobody gets it for me, I'll be getting it for myself! ;)
- MAC Blush, Pinch Me. This is the most gorgeous colour, I saw it in the store and I have gotta have it!
- MAC 109 Brush. Really want to try out this brush; heard so many great things!
- Coastal Scents, Warm Palette. For the last 3 months I've been umming and ahhing whether or not to get it. It will be my first CS Palette and I'm desperate to try them out!
- Classic short chestnut UGG Boots. Basically a necessity! I've wanted UGGS for years but always just gone for lookey-likey types. But I've been hinting, hinting, hinting to my boyfriend. So fingers crossed it got through to him! Haha.
-The Body Shop, Love Perfume. There was a rub off page in a magazine and I love the smell of it! Plus just from the rub it lasted on my wrist all day!!
There's nothing else really that I want... I'd love a new camera but it's not urgent and I'd rather get some other goodies :D Really need some new clothes... maybe clothes? Idk.
Merry Christmas countdown you guys!
Hope Santa brings you all lovelyy things :D


  1. awww poor you with no advent calendar, i'll think of you whilst i open mine hee hee!! I havent got any mac brushes, but for xmas im gettin the money to start off my collection .. so im all excited!!

    Cute Blog!!

    x <3 x

  2. Oh no, don't tease!! :( lol. I'm trying to build my MAC brush collection up atm. Right now I only have the 187 and the 168. I really recomment the 187 :D xoxo

  3. Is the 187 the stippling brush? Im hoping to get a few at christmas so i'll get the 187 and i also want some eyeshadow brushes :D!

    x <3 x

  4. Yeah the 187 is the stippling brush, it's complete love! Lol. xoxo

  5. I loveeeee christmas so much! All that stuff sounds os nice! Lovely blog, I followed xxxx

  6. @Fern - Christmas is def the best time of the year, ayy? Thank you sweets! Just checked out your blog, love it! :D I also followed :D xoxo


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