Sunday, 6 December 2009

Things that I'm lovin'

Bada ba ba baaa, I'm lovin' it!
Here are just a few things that I've been loving recently

My Bed
I've always loved my bed, but I'm loving it even more lately, lol. It's just impossible to get out of it in the mornings! College starts waaaay too early, that's what I think! Especially now it's pretty much guaranteed to be raining when I wake up. They should just make beds with wheels, I wouldn't ever have to leave :D Honestly, I'm not lazy haha, I just like being all cosy!

November was the UK's wettest month on record (so I believe) so this little guy has been my best friend. Although it's not entirely windproof it's coped pretty well :D And I love the gear stick detail on the bottom, it made me smile lol. I'll be learning how to drive in January, so now I have something to practice with ;) My Dad bought me this when my last one broke. I think he bought it from Sainsburys... I'm not sure.

Rimmel Renew & Lift powder
I use this powder pretty much everyday, it's a good way to set foundation and I love how when it's new it has this embossed crown!! I love little things like this, they really sell a product for me lol, I'm easily convinced! (this is in 100 Ivory).

Heinz Big Soup
This is a bit of a random one lol, but I love soup in the winter! There's nothing better to warm you up. I really love these Heinz 'Big' soups because they have big chunks of vegetables instead of mushy little tiny things you get in other soups. With a bit of wholemeal break it's the pefect winter warmer :D

This is my kitty cat... Peanut :D I'm always loving her. I got her in August from the RSPCA and she was originally called Megan. I didn't feel like Megan was a cat kinda name... so she took on the new name Peanut... don't ask me why lol. Who needs a hot water bottle in the winter when you've got this little cutie? She is honestly my little baby!

What things have you been lovin' lately?


  1. What a cute cat, she looks adorable lying there, and I totally agree with you about getting out of bed, its so hard when its freezing in the morning and its all grey and miserable outside. The rolling bed sounds like a great solution lol x

  2. omg i love rimmel renew and lift aswell! its my HG powder foundation! i use it over rimmel 16hour foundation and it lasts so good!!!

  3. @Peonies & Viva La Fashion - Haha Peanut says thanks! She's such an adorable little kitty :) I'd choose her over a dog any old day! :D

    @Lorien - I couldn't believe how well this powder works. It's virtually impossible to look powdery too, I find! Deffinitley going to be one of those make-up products I will always have around!

  4. Aww peanuts lovely !
    I have two kittys myself, Buffy and Milly :)
    Love Raspberrykiss <3

  5. @RaspberryKiss - Aw cute names! I love cats, I'm such a 'cat person' haha! xoxo


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