Wednesday, 30 December 2009

'Sales' Haul

Okay so I did brave it out and hit the shops the day after boxing day and bank holiday monday. And guess what? It was still packed like a tin of sardines and all the shops were still like jumble sales!! But hey, that's part of the fun!! (this haul is courtesy of vouchers & money I recieved for Christmas, woop)

So the thing is, I always say I'm going to shop 'in the sales' but in reality I never buy anything from the sale racks. I just don't have the patience to I don't think, lol. Clothes wise, I didn't get anything exciting really... just some necessities to be honest :) Here's the haul comin' atcha!!

Just a plain taupey coloured, long sleeve t-shirt. It's ribbed, and quite long.
Miss Selfridge - £10

A bandeau top, navy & white stripes. Longline.
Miss Selfridge - £12

Light grey, jersey boyfriend blazer.
 Get this in a size smaller because they are quite large (even though they're boyf-fit)
New Look - £18

Longline grey V-neck jumper.
Great for teaming with leggings for casual looks.
Primark - £10

Grey star print, fluffy dressing gown.
This is super soft! I LOVE it.
Primark - £12

Beautiful nude coloured courts, hidden platform and suede texture.
Primark - £13

Really pretty paterned, cream & gold earrings.
Primark - £1.50

Jem encrusted cokctail ring.
Primark - £2

Long leaf-cluster, gold necklace.
Accessorize - £9

Love perfume (30ml) and Love shower gel gift set.
This is such a sweet girly scent, I love it.
The Body Shop - £15

Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume (50ml)
The bottle is so cute and this smell is lush!
Debenhams - £28.99

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II
16 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners and travel sized Primer Potion
This is my favourite buy!! The colours are all beautiful, I love it.
I will put up a post of the swatches soon!
Debenhams - £27

Oh and I thought I'd throw in my favourite Christmas present, from my wonderful boyf!



  1. wow lucky getting uggs :D, i love the look of the urban decay set and those nude shoes are gorgeous!X

  2. Those courts look really cute :)
    Love UD book of shadows <3

  3. Woahhh you really got some nice buys there! I agree with the sales thing, it takes so much energy to find something through those racks and racks of clothes. You should have seen River Island on boxing day, it was truly a shamble, racks were empty and everything was on the floor. I tend to buy non-sale items too >_<


  4. @Holls - I know, my boyfriend spoils me! Mind you, I did hint about them for the 4 months running up to Christmas, lol!!

    @Abbie - I'm so excited about the book of shadows! Can't wait to play around with it!

    @Linh - Oh I know, I look up to people who actually have the patience to look through those racks, haha! You're best off buying the full price items... at least they don't have footprints on them XD


  5. Oh, I so love the dressing gown with stars! And the ring and the nude court shoes! Ha ha! Awww...Uggs from bf. So sweet! :)

  6. I love the nude heels! Wish I had spotted those. xx

  7. Fab buys!! I have the Urban Decay Pallette too, love it x


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