Friday, 4 December 2009

Mini Haul

I thought I'd go along to Sainsburys with my Dad and help him out with the shopping, as well as get a few bits and bobs for myself :) Just got 5 little bits, but I thought I'd show y'all anyways :D

Dove Summer Glow
It's getting colder now, and I'm getting more and more pasty lol, so I picked up Dove summer glow :) I'm most excited about trying this one - everyone feels better with a tan, right? And I've heard so many good things about the Dove one. I've only ever tried one from Avon and the other from Johnsons, but I wasn't overly keen on either of them.

Dove Heat Deffence Therapy
Right now I'm using the Avon heat spray... I don't really feel like it's doing much. I saw an advert for this just as I was going out the door and it sucked me in... so I'm going to give this a go. It's fab packaging, I think!

Nivea Firming Lotion
I'm on bit of a health kick atm, I'm trying to shed a few pounds. I used to be a size 8/10 but now I've transitioned to size 10/12 so I'm trying to get back to how I used to be. So I'm dieting and exercising more and I thought that this might help out a little bit by firming up stubborn areas :) I've tried a few of these type of things but none have really worked so I'm not expecting this to be a miracle worker.

This Mistress
I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover... but unfortunately I do. The cover looked really good and it caught my eye. A couple of weeks ago I saw Martine on This Morning and I was interested in this book :) I probably won't be able to read it for a while... but I'll get there!

Vaseline Hand and Nail cream
I don't use a hand cream, and I'm really starting to think I should. Never have I suffered with dry skin, but this winter my hands seem to be a bit dry... especially around my nails.

I haven't had a chance to try any of these out yet... but I will catch you up with most (if not, all) of these products and let you know how they work for me.

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