Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In, out, in, out, shake it all about!

nice clean brushes to use
gaving and stacey, I can't get enough - too funny!
christmas decoarations; I'm loving walking through the streets at night
starbucks christmas drinks
dove heat protection spray (review shortly)
superdrug offers, there's one for everything!
turning seventeen in less than two months

still not being able to find a job
forgetting to charge my ipod
cutting out carbs; potatoes, pasta and bread make me happy!!
stopping myself from splurging because I'm saving money

What are you ins and outs?


  1. in - Starbuck coffee's omg yummy!! Gingerbread Latte isjust like christmas in a cup i ♥ em!!


  2. I love dove heat protection line!!! i used the shampoo and conditioner, but cos my hairs coloured my hairdresser told me not to use it cos it coats my hair and will eventually leave it brassy!!!

  3. @Stacey - Oh I know!! Gingerbread Latte is also my fave :D I love the red Christmassy takeaway cups you get too, haha. xoxo

    @Lorien - I love the heat protection spray, it actually seems like it's doing something, unlike other ones I've tried. Ooh I also have coloured hair and I was thinking of using the Heat Protection range shampoo... but I think I will stay clear now. Thanks for the heads up! xoxo


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